Which Bank is Easiest to Get a Personal Loan From?

The easiest banks to get a personal loan from are USAA and Wells Fargo. USAA does not disclose a minimum credit rating requirement, but its website states that they consider people with scores below the fair credit range (below 640). So, even people with bad credit can qualify. We think it's important that you understand how we make money.

The financial product offers you see on our platform come from companies that pay us. The money we earn helps us give you access to free credit ratings and reports and helps us create our other great educational tools and materials. Compensation can take into account how and where products appear on our platform (and in what order). But since we usually make money when you find an offer you like and receive, we try to show you deals that we think are a good fit for you.

That's why we offer features like your approval probabilities and savings estimates. Of course, the offerings on our platform don't represent all the financial products out there, but our goal is to show you as many great options as we can. Here are more details about Wells Fargo personal loans. Read our Wells Fargo personal loan review to learn more.

To learn more, read our PNC Bank personal loan review. Here are more things to know about U. S. Bank Personal Loan Review for More Details.

For more information, read our Regions Bank personal loan review. Read our OneMainFinancial personal loan review to learn more. There are several reasons why you may want to apply for a personal loan from a bank. You may need cash for a specific purpose, such as home improvement or a loan to pay off high-interest credit cards.

American Express only offers personal loans to cardholders, but the terms can be relatively competitive if you have good credit. This link takes you to an external website or application, which may have different privacy and security policies than U. S. We do not own or control the products, services or content found there.

Press escape to close or press tab to navigate to available options. Apply for a personal loan without ever getting out of your couch. If you have a FICO credit score of 660 or higher (or higher if you are not a current U. Bank customer), a personal loan might be right for you.

All loans are subject to credit approval.1 If approved, you will pay the same amount every month for a period of 12 to 84 months (maximum 60 months for non-customers), with a fixed APR, ranging from 5.99% to 18.49% APR1 You can use a personal loan for any purchase or product. This one-time financing can help cover vacations, home renovations, medical bills or consolidate debt. When you apply for a personal loan, you will not pay any opening fees and there will be no prepayment penalty. You are always free to make your loan payments in advance, in part or in full.

A personal loan isn't secured, meaning you don't need to put your house or car as collateral. This may be a good option if you don't have a home equity or don't qualify for a home equity loan or line of credit. A personal loan does not require your home as collateral. You can get a loan for your project in a matter of hours with our easy and secure online application process.

Learn more about credit scores, not being a U. Bank customer? Explore our checking account options here! Please correct the following errors to continue: enter any loan term from 12 to 84 months (for those who are not current U. Bank customers, maximum term duration is 60 months); enter any loan term from 12 to 48 months; enter any loan term from 12 to 60 months; the final amount may vary depending on the borrower's credit score and other credit requirements; the application process is quick and easy; we will use certain information about you to perform a soft credit check which will not affect your credit rating; you can apply with another person; if approved and you are a U. Bank personal checking or savings account customer, you can close your loan online; if not, visit a U.

Bank branch; view your repayment schedule, make payments and manage your loan in any other way through an online dashboard; lowest minimum credit score requirements are from LendingPoint (580+ required) and Avant (600+); if applying with Wells Fargo, must have an eligible checking account and make automatic payments from an eligible deposit account; Discover doesn't charge prepayment penalty so additional payments can be made; American Express card holders only; co-borrower shares responsibility for repaying the loan.

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